Gourmet Prepared Meals  
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DiSH Pricing

Each large meal serves 6 people and each small meal serves 3.

The following is a food cost comparison that sets forth the average cost of four large DiSH meals as compared to the approximate cost of purchasing the raw ingredients at the supermarket, buying take-out or hiring a personal chef.

Cost of4 take out dinners that feed 6 people

Cost of4 meals that feed a family of 6 prepared by a Personal Chef

Average cost of4 Dish meals that feed 6 people

Cost of purchasing the raw ingredients from the Supermarket





Add-up the hours youll save in menu-planning, list making, grocery shopping, cutting, chopping and cleaning up. Now replace those hours with the more important things in your life. Whether its increased productivity at work or family fun your time is worth more!

How much is your time worth?

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