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Your folks did a wonderful job. Food was incredible!

                                                                Chris Wells, CEO of LVI Print Optimization


Coming to DiSH is like pulling an outfit together!

Mary Mello

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the fabulous food for my party this past Saturday. It was just fabulous! Everything was so delicious. My mom, who can be very critical, raved about all of the food. Also, thank you for putting me in touch with Dawn and Classique Concierge. The party went so smoothly- it was perfect!

       Lisa Keeler

Wow you guys...your food is delicious and it was a huge hit at our Son's birthday party 


     Thanks again,

                  Maureen O'Neill Nsier

Special thanks to the cooks and Amy who arranged things with me.  The catering company (Classique Concierge) was FANTASTIC as well.  
Dear Dish - What rave reviews I got on my Christmas Dinner.  I have never been so "unstressed".  You and the wonderful "kitchen elves" made the difference.  Warm wishes to you all in the New Year.
        Laura Saindon



"Next to my husband and kids, Dish is the best thing that's happened to me!"

         Jean Comstock


"The party you catered for us was a success.  We were very pleased with the quality of your food and staff.  Dawn and Lisa were excellent.  Thank you for your guidance and menu suggestions.  We will be back to Dish in the future."

                                       Sen. Sue Tucker & Mike Tucker

I'm in the middle of eating dinner made by you, and I had to take a minute to tell you how absolutely delicious your pot roast dinner is! The meat is lean but extremely tender and the potatoes and carrots, perfect. My husband even liked it and he's very particular about his pot roast. Thanks so much for something so delish!

Kim Clark

Had  to tell you that I've been into the shop for food 3 times already this month because the November menu is amazing.  The best month yet!  Everything has been absolutely delicious.  Keep up the good work.  There are still a few more dishes I want to try in November (it's early yet) - so I'll be back.  Of course so excited about the minestrone - it's my absolute favorite.
            Tracy Callahan

"Last week I pulled together a very last minute cookout for my husband's
birthday with a DiSH gift certificate a friend had given us. It was our
first experience with you and we were very impressed. You were very
helpful and friendly, both on the phone and when I came into the shop. And
most importantly - the food was great. We had the steak tips, the
mediterranean pasta salad and the zucchini boats and everything was
delicious. I get home from work after 5 but still managed to have this
amazing meal on the table before 6. My guests were very impressed. They
all wanted to know where you are so they can try it too. Thank you for
your help. We will be back!!!"

         Eileen Bernal

"My family loved the vegetable raviolis, chicken marbella and the crispy shrimp. Thanks again."

                 Lori McConaghy


"I recently ordered food for a small dinner party. Everything was
delicious, and the crab cakes got incredible rave reviews. Everyone LOVED

                Susanne Downey

"I was pressed for time and picked up the chicken scaloppini dish for my
dinner guests. They loved it!"

           Carlene Spires

"Best Lobster Ravioli dinner ever tonight ladies!!!!
Thank you, as always!!"

           Audrey Bergan

"I just want to tell you how much my husband loved the Southwest tilapia.  He said it was so fresh and better than any fish hes had at a restaurant.  I also want to tell you how appreciative I am of the selection of vegetarian items on your menu.  As a vegetarian, I have to say you guys always have something delicious and healthy on your menu for me.  The black bean cake with the chipotle sauce was so tasty and filling.  I loved the flavors!  You guys never fail to please every palate!"

                                                                  Mina Patel

"I grew up in the North End and I haven't had Minestrone Soup that good since my grandmother passed away!"

                                                                 Sal Ciaccio

"HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now that the dust has settled, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the entrees that we ordered for our party. The chicken marbella was so excellent! Our guests complimented me over and over again -- but of course I gave the credit to DISH! My husband also fell in love with
the pumpkin cheesecake dessert I brought home. Yum! We would definitely
order this wonderful food again! Thanks so much for your excellent dishes. We were able to eat some leftovers after Christmas and they were still delicious."

                                                                 Laurel Zeihl

"We had your beef stew for dinner tonight and boy, was it delicious!
Perfect for a cool fall evening. The gravy was great sopped up with a
chunk of bread. Thank you so much for such a delish dinner and for making
it so easy for me!"

                                                                  Kim Clark

"The bourbon chicken was terrific!! Yum! The crispy shrimp was scrumpsious!! And the dipping sauce outstanding! The chicken satay polished it off nicely for a great meal last night...thanks! Can't wait to try the ravioli."

                                                                  Katherine Bagshaw

"Dear girls, My husband came in today and picked up two different dishes for dinner tonight, chicken parmesan, sauteed chicken with artichoke hearts and some marinara sauce for pasta. They were so delicious. I have purchased a few things in the past year and all have been wonderful. Thank you for being such a great service."
                                                                  In appreciation,
                                                                  Ann Sermos and family

"I cooked the pork medallions tonight and they were out-of-this-world. I
have DISHed a number of times and am always delighted with my choices.
Most items taste homecooked and are simple to prepare - but not the case
with the pork. Not only was it simple to prepare (start to finish in 10
minutes) but I felt like I was eating something from a fancy restaurant
that took hours to prepare. Even my husband commented on the presentation
and the phenominal leek mustard sauce. The pork was incredibly tender and
the flavor superior. This was by far the tastiest DISH I've gotten so

                                                                 Tracy Callahan

"Your Blueberry Pie is truly delicious and that Chicken Rolatini is your best dish ever!"

                                                                 Wendy Peterman

"The Chicken Rolatini was AWESOME!"

                                                                  Kim Sousa

"Actually had the provencal chicken tonight and it was DELICIOUS!!!! The salmon was also stupendous!! Will look forward to ordering for September and love your two options for sizes now! Great job, ladies!"

                                                                 Christy Begien

"I had to tell you how much we love the summer strata. We just had it for dinner and my husband said he likes it better than the artichoke strata which was his favorite. We both had seconds! I am so happy to see it is on the August menu."

                                                                 Jodi MacDonald

"I must rave about my Date Night In. That was the easiest "special occasion at home" I have ever had; I actualy had time to dress for dinner. I will never do it myself again! Thanks for a great anniversary!"

                                                                  Patty Garcia

"Your tips are delicious and they're all cut uniformly, which makes them easy to grill."

                                                                  Catherine Eames

"The chicken Marsala blew us away! My husband loved it!"

                                                                  Debbie Davidson

" Date Night In was fabulous! It was so relaxing just to stay in and enjoy a nice meal. We'll definitely be back again!"

                                                                 Debbie Street

"The Chicken Marsala is delicious. Please put it back on the menu soon!"

                                                                Laurie Brosnan

"Just wanted to let you know that the chili chicken skewers were fantastic! My kids ate them all so I had to order them again."

                                                                Marj Andresen

" I just had the chicken w/asparagus dinner and it was so incredible!!! (I may eat the whole thing before my husband gets home). Do you guys sell your sauces? Thanks again for a great dinner!"

                                                               Donna Robinson

"I read the article about your new business and I think it is a grand
idea. Many people just don't have the time for meal preparation. I am a personal assistant in the Andover area and I will be sure to offer your services to my clients. Best of Luck!"

                                                               Dawn Baez

"My son say's DiSH meatballs are the best and he won't eat any others."

                                                               Jodi MacDonald

"My husband and I have never eaten so well!"

                                                               Jean Comstock 


I stopped in on Tuesday and picked up Chicken Scaloppini because it looked fairly light and had vegetables. It was fabulous!!!!! My compliments. I think I have a new favorite and will be back for more. However did you get the chicken so tender? The sauce was also wonderful.

                          Thank you. Phyllis Stone


Hi Amy and crew, the lasagna was delicious and the eggplant parm, very tasty! My dinner party was a success with the 'assist' from Dinner by Dish! Happy Holidays to all


                                               Katherine Bagshaw 

Once again, your fabulous dervice allows me to order elegant meals for my parents